The Woolshed Cabins Beechworth, Victoria

The natural place to stay

The Woolshed Cabins Beechworth are situated on 12 acres of Australian bushland overlooking the historic Woolshed Valley. 
Four self contained rustic cabins create the right setting for your next getaway.

Affordable accommodation that is pet and bike friendly.

What you can do around Woolshed Cabins…

If riding is your thing, there is something for all abilities, click to find out more

If riding is your thing, there is something for all abilities, click to find out more

Day or night there is a tour in town that tells a real amazing story

Day or night there is a tour in town that tells a real amazing story

We are lucky to have lots of dog friendly areas to take your pet, click to find out.

We are lucky to have lots of dog friendly areas to take your pet, click to find out.

Something for all the family to enjoy, we can point you in the right direction

Something for all the family to enjoy, we can point you in the right direction

Morning walks to Woolshed Falls

Morning walks to Woolshed Falls

Walk to Woolshed Falls

A 20 minute walk from Woolshed Cabins provides the opportunity for guests to have a picnic or take a self guided walk around the old alluvial gold workings. Spectacular after heavy rainfall, the Woolshed Falls are a popular place to visit. Relax in the natural rock formations enjoying the atmosphere of the once bustling gold mining sites, the centre of one of Victoria's richest goldfields that lured thousands to the area in 1852 in search of gold. With over 2000 onces (57 Kilograms) extracted from this site during the years of 1918-1920.

For more information about Woolshed falls go to

Walk to town via the Beechworth Historic Park

Just down the road from Woolshed Cabins is the beginning of the Beechworth Historic Park, an hour and half "ish" walk into town for breakfast... through the rugged granite landscape and The Cascades, a series of waterfalls from Spring Creek. A personal favorite as it's a great walk where you can take your dog with you. There are many points of interest on the way such as One Tree Hill, Powder magazine and Newton bridge. This rugged landscape was the scene of many Kelly Gang exploits.

Mt Pilot lookout 

Mount Pilot National park is in itself a Gem of the North East, we are going to take a 360 degree glimpse from the cockpit at it and its surrounds. Turn right onto Old Coach Road and following the signs to the car park at the base. You will drive on an amazingly good granite gravel road through the quintessential Australian bush. Look out for kangaroos, wallabies, lizards and Snakes. It's worth noting that Chiltern-Mount Pilot National Park has recorded over 200 species of bird life so pay special attention to the treetops and the sky's. From the car park it's a short scramble to the top....The view?... a very unique 360 degree rock platform you can see from the mighty Murray to Mount Buffalo.

Yeddonba Aboriginal art site

Yeddonba, The Aboriginal Art Site

This Aboriginal Art Site was re opened in October 1997 to showcase the artwork of the dominant indigenous clan of the area, the Duduroa. The clan, of around 2000 covered the area south of Wodonga, around Beechworth, and almost to Wangaratta. They were a sub-clan of the Goulbum Valley people, the Pangarang.
Mt Pilot was important to the Duduora, Pangarang, Quat Quatta and Minjambutta clans as a spiritual and ceremonial site. Springs located in the rock of the Mt Pilot lookout were an essential water source to these clans.
The artwork, thought to be over 2000 years old, is of a Thylacine or Tasmanian Tiger, a Goanna and a Snake. These three items represent totem spirits of the Duduroa.
The site is well signposted and is in Toveys Forest Road which runs off the Beechworth to Chiltern Road about 12 Km from either town.
This walk begins to the left of the picnic area towards the bracken. Follow the path the whole way. Use this map and the interpretive signs located along the walk as a guide to a better understanding of the indigenous way of life.
ROCK ART: Clan elders used this sacred site to pass on the Dreaming Story of the Tasmanian Tiger, the totem spirit of the Duduroa people. The images thought to be around 2000 years old are quite faded but cannot be repainted as there are no known descendants of the Duduroa alive today. It is thought the orange ochre used in the paintings was acquired from Aboriginal clans in South Australia through trade.
TASMANIAN TIGER: One of the paintings is quite clearly a Tasmanian Tiger. How did the local Victorian Aboriginies paint a Tasmanian Native Animal?


Beechworth Rail Trail

Beechworth Rail Trail

The cycling options around Beechworth are limited only by your imagination. Gravel, Touring, Road, Mountain or Rail Trails the list is long. So here are a few that we just love to do.

1. Beechworth to Everton Rail Trail... Something for everyone in the one Trail.  Either charging down the smooth Rail Trail from Beechworth or grinding back up through the viaducts and over the old brick bridges built in the bygone era, you can’t help but imagine sooty faces out the windows or the clickity-clack from the track and the steamy whistle from the mighty locos.

Beechworth to Everton is a easy roll down the trail for 15km to a delightful classic Aussie two tap pub that sells great fish n chips or roll on a little further to the ultra classic general store for some homemade tucker and shakes. You will pass Pennyweight Winery along the way a third generation operation showcasing all of that experience and skill, that you can taste in every drop.

Flame trees mountain bike trail runs alongside the Rail Trail and intersects half a dozen times. It’s a family friendly trail that sees a local kids race most Tuesday afternoons. Flame Trees can be ridden easy to make it green or ridden hard to make it blue its heaps of fun twisting and turning alongside the Rail trail and makes good use of the banks and ditches.

Click here for a map

2. Beechworth Mountain Bike park... We have ridden almost every mountain bike park all over this fine country of ours and I must say Beechworth is way up there with the best of them, some words to describe the 10k loop would be, fast, flowing, rocks, rocks, rocks, technical, well signposted, gravel based, totally ride-able and a heap of fun. There is never a moments rest or time to loosen your grip on the bars, just how it should be. New sections are always being added or improved including “Snakes and Ladders” or “Don’t be a Hero trail” the new gravity jump and berm fest for the young or young at heart.

Other trail networks nearby make up the North Easts “Dirty Dozen” The twelve plus one must do Mountain Bike adventures. Base yourself at Woolshed Cabins and plan the many close by day trips needed to complete Bright, Beechworth, Mount Buller, Mount Beauty, Falls Creek and now the brand new “plus one bakers dozen” Yackandanda.

4. Tour of Beechworth... This is Beechworth’s classic Sunday morning 3hr ride, views, smooth hot mix, hills, low to no traffic and did I mention the views?. Head north out of Beechworth on the Beechworth-Wodonga Road, turn right at the Wodonga-Yackandandah Road and head down into Yackandandah. Turn off towards Myrtleford but just after the crossing, the creek there is a sharp, uphill turn to the right into Back Creek Road. Follow south and turn left into Myrtleford-Yackandandah Road and then right into Dederang Road, turn right at Tunnel Gap Road and follow down to the Myrtleford-Yackandandah Road and turn left, continue along for approximately 10km and turn right into Stanley Road and up up and up the back passage into Stanley, following a drop back down into Beechworth for amazing coffee, treats and eats.

Beechworth has some fantastic road loops and some amazing gravel trails that all lead to some cool out the way quirky Café venues. Please ask me to send some info or your very welcome to tag along on our everyday adventures.


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